MEMORY – Benedini Associati 

Memory blends tradition with modernity, giving a collection inspired by the past to complete and customise the contemporary bathroom. Brass tapware with chromed or burnished and brushed finish with characteristic cross shaped handles. As well as the standard finishes, on request, you can have the matt white (RAL9016), matt black (RAL9004) finish and natural brushed brass.


FEZ – Benedini Associati 

A complete range of taps for all bathroom needs, in polished brass or brushed chrome finish or
painted matt white. Now available also painted in matt black.


SEN – Gwenael Nicolas (Curiosity) 

A combination of Eastern spirit and Western technology, Sen incorporates multiple functions in a line of independent components which can be freely combined to make a distinct style statement, further enhanced by the striking texture of the brushed anodized aluminium, available black or in reintroducted version clear-grey.
Sen’s minimal design is further interpreted in the singlehole versions for washbasin, available in two eights for basinmounted mixer taps and one for a floormounted mixer.

SQUARE – Benedini Associati 

Square is a range that changes the look of tap fittings and enhances them with additional functions, in all types of installation: recessed or surface-mounted, for washbasins, bathtubs or showers.

Square is made in polished or satin-finish stainless steel, on request, you can have the gun metal finish. Presented in 2005, the Square range has undergone a profound technical and aesthetic review in 2015.



PLAN A – Giulio Gianturco , Mario Tessarollo 

This project arises from construction experience, where the shower environment is often beautifully handcrafted, from time to time integrated as much as possible into architecture.
The apparent simplicity is the strength of the project, a bar connects the crystals and sustains the rotating pins of the door.
In this solution you do not need strong marks, this essential and precise line is embellished with small details in grey or black brushed anodised aluminium, designed to give a plain image, not a showed-off.

corner: 70-200 x 70-140 x 220 h – 27”9/16-78”3/4 x 27”9/16-55”1/8 x 86”39/64
nice:70-200 x 220 h – 27”9/16-78”3/4 x 86”39/64


FLAT D- TYPE A – Benedini Associati 

A crystal glass panel, a support that is also a water outlet, and a slatted teak footboard inset into the stainless steel shower tray, or with white Exmar footboard: simple, handsome, practical.


FLAT D- TYPE B – Benedini Associati

One fixed crystal glass panel and one hinged to left or right, and a corner is instantly transformed into a shower compartment, with footboard in white Exmar or teak. In addition to the versions with inset shower tray and footboards in a range of materials (P), there is also a version without a shower tray (0).



Newform focuses its creative genius in the bathroom environment, which becomes the perfect meeting place between the individual, modern design and fundamental need of practicality.