Artech is an innovative collection for elegant, modern interiors such as lofts and showrooms.

Its extraordinary LUMINESCENCE allows for the creation of high-tech surfaces very similar to metal, but more DURABLE and easy to maintain.

There is a complete choice of indoor MULTISIZE and outdoor matchable solutions, trim tiles and baseboards for top-class detailed finishings.



Avantgarde: a complete collection to satisfy all requirements: from INTERIOR and EXTERIOR FLOORS to KITCHEN and BATHTROOM TILES.



A legacy of the great Renaissance glory, the Chevron collection is reminiscent of the old wood parquet flooring, with slats arranged in imposingly elegant patterns, referred to as Hungarian herringbone or point de hongrie and the chevron.

An extraordinary technique that was also frequently used in the great halls of Versailles adds a touch of prestige to any room, in which it becomes a work of art in its own right. It is thus suited to more elegant areas around the home, to communal and commercial areas, and to other more refined areas open to the public such as museums, galleries, fashion boutiques and showrooms.

One size only (37.5×150) is available which means that only two tiles placed side by side are needed to create a full herringbone layout.

Chevron is available in different tones of wood: a warmer shade, a cooler shade and a whitened shade, almost with a black/white effect.



A new line of cements that suggests an artisanal origin compared to the usual industrial effect. The surfaces feature clouding, shading, and brushing, made possible through collaborations with specialised artisans and an in-depth study of the peculiarities of cement materials and decorative mineral wall coverings.

The contrasting colours, graphic effects, and patterns pressed into the material are striking in large formats (120×240 and 120×120), as well as in classic sizes (60×120, 60×60, 30×60), available in colours ranging from Rice white to dark grey Fog, as well as shades of Tan and light grey Cloud.



The Cromie collection is the result of the research into the chromatic component as a key factor of design thinking and it represents a new tool for a strategic use of colours in interior projects.

The innovative collection offers a range of 36 chromatic shades organized into 4 families with a logical structure that describes colours in the same way they are seen by the human eye and defines them using three parameters: hue, lightness and saturation.



Deck comes in six mainly warm shades, ranging from the lighter Dawn and Flare, with a clearly North European air, through the intermediate shades of Day and Bright to the darker Dusk and Blaze; the patterns also follow this gradual shift, becoming more marked as the colour darkens, enriched with a variety of degrees of shading for a more or less even effect.

Thanks to its subtle appeal, evident in the shades and patterns available, Deck is suitable both for domestic and retail areas, where it helps to create a natural effect of rare beauty even in a varied setting.



Design Industry is the new multi-material collection inspired by urban design and contemporary architectural trends.

It includes two different surfaces offered in a wide range of sizes and colours to exalt the utmost project-planning freedom.

The Oxyde ceramics evoke the glazed look of oxidized metals combining bright and dark shades.

Raw represents the chromatic and structural interpretation of raw cement and flaking plasters.

These peculiarities are exalted by the large sizes that enhance graphic traits and allow for the creation of extensive surfaces without interruption.



A wide range of different materials inspired by modern urban settings, with their reconditioned industrial buildings, the docks in port areas that have taken on a new lease of life, urban environments with an underground air.

Ceramics with finishes reminiscent of asphalt (Road) that combine with the metallic-style vintage materialstypical of old-style shops (Garage), as well as distressed woods inspired by velodrome surfaces and the small brickwork found on indoor walls (Track).

The result is a complex collection ideal for bringing a wealth of personal touches to residential settings, or for tiling commercial settings throughout in order to create up-to-the-minute atmospheres with a dynamic personality.



Shabby mood and metropolitan loft atmosphere for a collection available in two families: aged Bois wood sporting a light vintage effect in the colours Beige, Brown and Grey, in formats 25×150 and 22.5×90, and the classic Beton cementine tiles available in Almond, Greige and Shadow in formats 60×60, 30×60, 45×90 and 30×30 (this last one with a more marked shade variation), completed by a 30×30 decoration in all colours.

The combination of the two surfaces creates the Inlay coffer in Warm and Cold shades, size 75×75.

Composed of a frame in Bois wood that encloses the Beton cementine tiles, Inlay can easily be matched with both products to design dynamic, trendy environments.



Refin’s research has led to the development of a collection inspired by Zebrano stone: a traditional matrix translated with contemporary appeal providing versatile surfaces suited for use in all modern environments thanks to a wide range of sizes and finishes.

The colours Ash, Beige, Black, Brown, White and Grey, also available in a frosted version, come in sizes 75×150, 75×75, 25×150, 60×60, 30×60.

In addition to the tiles, there are also two 30×30 mosaics in all colours – with a version having 36 tiles and interwoven composition – and a relief decoration on 25×150 slats for Ash, Beige and White.



The warm appeal of wood combines with the functionality and resistance of porcelain stoneware in the larix collection, inspired by larch wood and widely used in traditional alpine architecture.
Larix is the result of intensive research on the features of this natural material that is reinterpreted on ceramics, reproducing its graphics and texture, its chromatic and surface details and the marks caused by the passage of time and by adverse weather.



The Mansion range is the result of painstaking research into the growing trend to recreate the aged appearance of antique wood in contemporary interiors.

The collection evokes the prestige and charm of hand-shaved wood, old floorboards restored using plaster and the worn appearance of wood, enhancing the vintage effect of this natural material with the most innovative techniques in ceramic production.

Mansion is aimed at more sophisticated, contemporary interiors and proposes a modern interpretation of high-class, antique parquet panels, in which the design of each single piece becomes part of a seamless flooring layout, enhancing the feeling of continuity and spaciousness.



A virtual journey in the world of the most sought after stones, a millenary world which set the background for the selection of unique and charismatic natural materials. A traditional material for surfaces made of inorganic matter that are part of human history, but that keeps revitalizing and fits perfectly in contemporary interior design. A rich and heterogeneous collection of stone materials with varied origins, several hues and traits, all elegant and with outstanding graphic designs perfectly in line with the latest trends. Petrae features a wide range with several sizes (60×6030×6045×9022.5×90) and thicknesses, including the outdoor version OUT2.0 (2 cm).

The first source of inspiration for Petrae project is the quartzite from Barge, the town in Piedmont that also gives the quartz its name.
Bavaria is a porcelain tile inspired by the fine-grained Solnhofen limestone found in Bavaria, Germany; it is available in the warm shade of the original material.
Savoie Ash results from France, namely from Haute-Savoie.
Pacific Grey is based on several types of gneiss extracted from the pacific coasts of Canada.
Guyana, prompted by quartzite, comes from the mountains dividing Brazil from Guyana.
The calcareous stone of Muschelkalk Brown comes from a Franconian region in southern Germany




The ceramic collection takes its inspiration from a natural limestone which can be traditionally found in Bourgogne, a French region that is internationally renowned for its prestigious wines and its architectural beauty.

Ceramics in white, beige and grey tints, with a balanced shading and a natural veining.

Irregular stripes evoking the fossil shells which can be found on the surface of the natural stone from which the collection takes its inspiration.



All the allure of Leccese stone is evident here on this sophisticated ceramic surface, in natural nuances that are ideal for both classical settings – in the 60×60 size with aged finish – and more contemporary environments, using the larger sizes.

The name is indicative of a prestigious collection in which the detail of the texture, the carefully studied contrasts and painstaking attention to balancing the fossil inserts combine to create wonderfully smooth, appealing finishes.

Timeless elegance, enhanced by the four soft shades ranging from white to mud grey, as well as a warm gold nuance and a more neutral shade of grey.



Stone materials are back in the spotlight once again in the Prestigio collection: top-class natural marble from the most renowned quarries in Italy and Europe whose typical nuances of colour and original veining patterns – sometimes delicate, others more marked – are enhanced by the lapping that gives a beautifully polished finish.

The collection is thus the expression of classic style given an elegant modern twist thanks also to the large 75×150 size.



This range was inspired by stone and is a selection of natural textures of different origins with different characteristics, skilfully mixed to create a balanced, harmonious tile collection.

Very different types of stone from different geographic locations were creatively blended for this totally new ceramic texture which imitates the original material but cannot be found in nature.

Selection is a perfect blend of natural expression and creative research; these elements, when united with the potential of stateof-the-art production techniques, create a truly high-class product.

The tiles are available in five natural shades that enhance the harmony of contemporary living spaces. It is available in numerous sizes and surface finishes.



A noble essence with character renowned for its resistance and durability, with a natural yellow-brown colour, with straight fi bres and few knots.

It’s traditionally used to manufacture esteemed pieces of furniture, shutters and fl oors as well as naval construction works and casks for the ageing of wine.

The long standing preciousness of oak wood is brought up to date in the ceramic of the Trail collection, re-interpreting its distinctive traits and transferring the visual and tactile sensations of the warm natural material into porcelain stoneware.

Elegant and balanced graphics developed in 8 shades, to create unique and suggestive atmospheres in living spaces as well as in public venues and to answer the needs of those who love the warmth of the material that’s been made immutable thanks to the excellent technical characteristics of porcelain stoneware.



Refin reshapes metropolitan spaces through the Velvet Ground collection: a distinct and catching message addressing a trendy and eclectic public in search for creative solutions.

Velvet Ground is a collection as versatile as today’s spaces, both the most refined residential environments and the commercial environments aimed at catching the customer’s eye.

A collection complemented by a unique range of decorations: a real “design solution” that allows designers to customise any environment.



This product has a contemporary feel: stains, cloudy effects and slight scratches enliven the plain colour of the slate, bringing out the character of the material used and making it more up-to-date.

The large sizes (120×240, 120×120, and 60×120) and the version OUT2.0 (60×60), make Wide ideally suited for covering large, heavy-duty areas and for showrooms and reception areas, while the smaller sizes (60×60 and 30×60) are also perfect in the home.

There are five colours in the range – white, two shades of grey, black and mud brown – both in the smooth version and the structured variant for outdoor use, plus two shades in the version OUT2.0.