One material that has become very widespread for use in paving outdoor areas over recent years is Quartzite, which has now taken on a major role. This rock comprises mainly quartz, but inside it there may also be other types of minerals present, and these, in different compositions obviously also determine its colour. For this reason, Quartzite does not have a uniform colour and comes in a wide large range of different hues and colour-shades.
Quartzite is a stone of rare beauty, both to the touch and in its mechanical and physical properties; it is quarried in a basin that is unique in the world, located in Piedmont in the splendid setting of the Cozie Alps, and is better-known around the world as “La Bargiolina” quartzite.
STONEQUARTZ full-body-coloured porcelain tiles reproduce, in 5 different colourways (Bianco, Perla, Grigio, Nero and Beige), the aesthetic, surface aspect of quartzite – a textured “split stone” surface – with higher functional characteristics than the stone itself.
STONEQUARTZ is available in 2 sizes, 30×60 cm (12”x24”) and 30×30 cm (12”x12”)